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Special Spring Membership Discount

I’ve got a special weekend discount for members of AND potential new members. (And for those that have been around, you know I don’t give these out very often.) This weekend only (starting from the point I publish this post), you can use the coupon SPRING2018 to get 35% off renewals and/or new memberships. Join the community today and get prepared for the upcoming Online and Live 3rd WordPress Developer Camp.  Learn more about a WPStudio Membership.

On Tuesday, members are going way beyond just creating Custom Post Types and focusing our energies on how to best display the content from custom post types.

On Wednesday, members will be diving into the next step of Conditional Logic by looking at how we combine logic statements and also how to put some “logic” into WordPress conditional logic.

The 3rd WordPress Developer Camp will be announced this week.

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On Tuesday, members will be looking at how to accept and manage cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) within their small businesses. We’ll cover the pros and cons as well as recommendations to consider.

On Wednesday, we dive into what it takes to “live well” as a freelancer without losing your sanity.

The website is also getting a makeover this week to prepare for future developments.

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  • Tomorrow, members will be looking at recurring revenue streams that work and ones that used to work in the past.
  • On Wednesday, the community dives back into learning about the Vue.js javascript syntax and how to “translate” the language if all you are familiar with is jQuery.
  • WPStudio is also going to be opening up a regular LIVE Coding YouTube series that will be available for everyone to enjoy.

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Secure Your WordPress Development

If you develop WordPress plugins professionally or as a side hustle, it is important to recognize security issues. With WordPress powering large swaths of the internet, code security should be a vital part of your development.

In this light, I wanted to share several key areas of security that every WordPress developer should be mindful of during their development of code projects.

Don’t Let Direct Access Occur

While many web hosts are built around allowing access to files that reside on the server, we shouldn’t allow our plugin files to be accessed directly.  We need to make sure that its only “WordPress itself” that is accessing the plugin files.

The best way to handle this is to perform a conditional check at the top of the plugin files that makes sure the file isn’t being accessed from outside WordPress.

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Valuing Current Community Members

One of my favorite aspects of is the incredible community that exists on the private Slack channel and meets up in the real world. Not only does this community support each other with technical and design situations with clients but we support each other as human beings.

A way of giving thanks to current community members is to give you my word as the Chief Code Breaker in Charge to honor your commitment to the community by guaranteeing you a discounted renewal.  All members of** can always use the coupon code RENEW20 to receive a 20% off your renewal for the life of your membership.

But the thanks to current members extends even further… All members** can take advantage of other coupons that periodically appear (Black Friday for example) to renew and extend their memberships which can sometimes be a larger discount than the standard RENEW20 20% rate.

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  • On Tuesday, members will be diving into some Creative CSS and building animations into buttons using ONLY CSS (no javascript required).
  • On Wednesday, we will be building from scratch a WordPress plugin that allows clients to post and manage a custom new feed system.
  • There will also be updates pushed to the WPStudio FrameworkCode Studio plugin, and the Voce Theme 2.0 test version.

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Page Template Bug in WordPress 4.9

When the latest version of WordPress (4.9) was released, it also contained a strange little bug that was introduced with some of the modifications to the internal “file editor” in WordPress. This bug caused page templates to either not display properly in the Page Edit screen or to not update until the default WordPress cache was cleared (60 minutes).  But there is a quick fix you can place into your theme’s functions.php file that will automatically clear the cache of the theme so you don’t have to wait for the cache to clear or raise your theme’s version number.

add_filter( 'init', 'wps_fix_page_template_cache_bug' );
function wps_fix_page_template_cache_bug(){
    $theme_root = dirname(__DIR__);
    $stylesheet = basename(__DIR__);
    $theme = wp_get_theme( $stylesheet, $theme_root );
    $theme_ver = $theme["Version"];
    $cache_hash = md5( $theme_root . '/' . $stylesheet);
    $label = sanitize_key( 'files_' . $cache_hash . '-' . $theme_ver );
    $transient_key = substr( $label, 0, 29 ) . md5( $label );
    delete_transient( $transient_key );

Thanks to the WordPress community for sharing variations of this fix.  Note: This bug will be fixed in an upcoming version of WordPress, so once that is fixed, you’ll be able to remove this code from your active theme’s functions.php file.