Book Benjamin

Now you can Book Benjamin to help on your project!


If you want to "Book Benjamin" for a specific time slot use the booking system below. First, choose the type of service. A calendar will appear to show available times. If there are other times you are looking for, please either contact me or purchase a bundle to the right.

What type of things can you Book Benjamin for?

  • Book Benjamin for one-on-one training that deals with a WordPress theme, plugin, code solution, or some other technology you are interested in learning more deeply.
  • Book Benjamin for a consulting session to process through your business ideas or to help refine your closing ability with clients.
  • Book Benjamin for an honest evaluation when choosing between two plugin solutions or what direction you should pursue with your client project.
  • Book Benjamin to help you solve a bug with a website or to find a custom solution to enhance a client’s website.

Purchase a Booking Bundle

When you purchase a bundle you will receive an email directly from me including a custom coupon you can use to book the One-on-One Consulting solutions. 

How does this all work?

If you book a single booking, you will select the time slot that you want to reserve. Checkout.  Then you will receive an email directly from me confirming that time slot along with a short question so I can better help/prepare for your booking. During that conversation, we will determine the best medium of the session (Zoom webinar, phone, chat, etc).

If you book a Book Benjamin Bundle, I will send an email confirming the bookings and we will set about reserving the time slots/schedule that works for you.

What is the difference between the "single booking" and the "purchasing of blocks"?

The first difference is cost.  Each block level comes with a greater level of savings over purchasing individual 30-minute time slots.

The second difference is that purchasing the block of 4, 8, or 12 is like purchase a once-a week coaching session for one month, two months, and three months.

Why are you offering the time slots in 30 minute increments?

30 minutes of dedicated focus is an excellent starting point for many things like talking through a specific aspect of your business plan, or wanting to know which plugin to use and why (pros/cons), or even wanting to know if some kind of custom code solution is possible.

What's the difference between the WPStudio Membership and "Booking Benjamin"?

The WPStudio Membership is all about the community. Multiple weekly training events, a growing library of video resources, access to the community slack channel, and a number of solid tools (plugins/themes). I'm around A LOT in the Slack channel and while I'm able to answer lots of quick questions and point people in directions, I'm having to balance the time between running the company, preparing for training, teaching, and continuing to enhance the tools.

The "Booking Benjamin" opportunity came about because a number of people have been asking if they could "book me" or "hire me" for more focused time periods.

What type of sessions can I book?

  • Evaluation of a site for a client
  • Help to prepare a bid for a potential client
  • Coaching on improving your business
  • Help with a bug of code function you just can't get right
  • Help with customizing of a website
  • Pretty much anything you can think of that might help you succeed in business... I'm here to help. 🙂

If I purchase a bundle, do I have to use it only on a weekly schedule?

The quick answer is no.  You can use the group of time slots in any manner (as long as it fits into my schedule). This means that if you have a massive project coming down the pike or are just about ready to launch your first website and want someone there with you. You can use the "8-Bundle"  and reserve me for 3 straight hours at one point and then use the final hour at a later time.  

Some people will prefer to purchase the bundle to save money on longer-term and regular "coaching" sessions.  Others may simply need another coder, set of eyes, support, etc for an important project.  The choice in how you use the bundled time slots are entirely up to you. (and my schedule)

How far out can I book a time slot?

Right now, using the individual time slot booking system, I've only allowed the bookings to extend one week. If you book a "bundle" then we'll be able to negotiate future time slots that would be reserved for you. If there are other emergencies that arise or you have a need for a time slot that is not on the booking calendar, contact me at [email protected] and let me know what time slot you need.

Who are you?

At least for right now, most people who are booking the time slots are already familiar with who I am and what I do.  This initial version of "Book Benjamin" is geared more towards those individuals who are already familiar with me.

In the future, I'll have more information about how I've been training businesses, non-profits, and individuals in areas of business growth strategies, technical instructions, and also personal development for 20+ years. I have also generated over 1,200 hours of live training events, tutorials, and resources.