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You can use the following types of PHP instructions in GutenLogic:

  • Use regular WordPress Conditional Tags
    • You can use the ! exclamation point to "reverse" the logic statement. !is_front_page() returns true when the visitor is NOT on the frontpage.
    • You can combine conditions using the || (pipes) for an OR statement that returns true if EITHER statement #1 or Statement #2 is true.
    • You can combine with more specific condition using the && (double ampersand) to return true if BOTH statement #1 and statement #2 are true.
    • And all the traditional WordPress conditional tags work like is_home(), is_page(array(3,6,7)), is_user_logged_in()
  • You can also evaluate a statement to check a server-level condition like checking to see if a visitor is coming from duckduckgo.com using the code strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], "duckduckgo.com")!=false
  • You could even go as far as returning true if a page is a "child" of a certain post ID using code global $post; return (in_array(234,get_post_ancestors($post)));

So, as you can see, the capabilities of the GutenLogic is extensive if you are willing to think through the power it opens.