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Good point Hugh... it seems that as much as Automattic is "trying" to improve the block editor they can't seem to stop 'stepping in it' when it comes to rolling out updates. The widgets area needed to be left alone and if they want FSE (full-site-editing) they wouldn't be using the "widgets / sidebars" anyway, it would just all "be on the page".

It's a good reminder to turn off the block editor for widgets now AND also to be prepared to turn it off for menus that are coming next because the block editor is already screwing up any menu that has any type of addon/mega menu/extensions/hooks etc. Basically if you have a search option in your menu, you add icons to menus, you use custom css classes for menus, use dynamic logic to show/hide menus, have any plugins extending the menu... all of that is borked in the tests of the next block editor invasion of the menu (in the beta versions of Gutenberg).