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What is the WPStudio Membership?


A Unique Community

The members of the WPStudio community are a group of professionals who desire to grow in their individual skills and knowledge while also sharing their gained knowledge with others.  The community centers around an active Slack Channel where business and code questions are shared, wrestled, and overcome while also enabling members to feel like they are not alone as freelancers.  The WPStudio Slack Channel serves as a "water cooler" office hangout to fulfill a need to converse with other like-minded individuals.

Training Webinars

Beyond the community aspect of WPStudio, the next most important part is the regular live training webinars.  At least 2-3 times a week, I (Benjamin Bradley) am hosting online training webinars.  These are not lecture-style webinars, but interactive and live events where attendees can ask questions and participate through a live chat room. Training topics range from WordPress development, plugin overviews, SEO, freelance and business development, and many "How To Build XYZ" style events.

The other vital part of the training webinars is the growing number of webinars and training videos that live in the Training Library at WPStudio.com.  Within an hour of a live webinar ending, the video replay and downloadable videos are available from within the member's accounts.  Having access to a searchable and sortable training library enables all members to focus on their business first without the fear of missing a live training event.


The Voce Theme

Voce Theme

The Voce Theme (Voce is "voice" in Italian), was built to be extremely flexible and lightweight to enable a freelancer to create any type of site for their client without sacrificing functionality and performance.  The Voce Theme has a simple "checkbox" settings area to turn on or off different elements of the site as well as quickly gain access to the Voce Theme's many action hooks and filters.

The membership also has access to some starter child themes to showcase the immense flexibility for anyone developing custom sites for clients.

Toolbox of Plugins

While not the focus on the WPStudio membership, the plugins that I release to the community are customized and focused on catering specifically to freelancers who are either working with clients or want to take greater control over their own WordPress sites. Over time I will be adding to this list of tools when needs arise within the membership.

  • Code Studio - Customize a site using CSS, JS, and HTML snippets with robust features
  • SMTP Studio - Ensuring all WordPress emails go through SMTP server with stylized emails.
  • SEO Studio - (Coming Soon) A comprehensive and lightweight solution for your site's SEO needs.
  • Promo Studio - Create and control stylized and dynamic promos.
  • Loop Studio - Customize the WordPress Query/Loop and create simple display templates.
  • Beaver Studio - A custom addon for Beaver Builder that is used to teach freelancers how to build modules.
  • GF Auto Field - Autocomplete field for Gravity Form.
  • Control Studio - (Coming Soon) Customize a WordPress site's Admin area  for clients.

WordPress Developer Camp

The WordPress Developer Camp is a unique and intensive learning opportunity.  If you have ever wanted a focused week on the development aspects of WordPress, you won't want to miss this semi-annual event.  One week of straight online training where all attendees are given the same "starter site" and given step-by-step training on how to build an advanced and interactive WordPress site.  One of the best ways of learning the deep ins and outs of WordPress development is available ONLY to members of the WPStudio community.

The next WordPress Developer Camp is scheduled for September 2019

The Heart of WPStudio

The heart of the WPStudio membership is you. Each person who joins the WPStudio community becomes a part of a growing fraternity of like-minded freelancers.  But at the end of the day... each one of us is different.  Each one of us develops differently.  That type of "development" diversity is what makes WPStudio so unique.  It doesn't matter what tools (plugins/themes/tools) you use to build sites for clients; it only matters that you get the job done.

The other unique aspect of WPStudio is me.  I'm Benjamin Bradley and (probably due to my ADHD), I love doing my development, work, and preparation for upcoming webinars while participating in the Slack channel.  So as long as I'm at my desk, (or have my phone near me), members of WPStudio have access to me. Do you have a code question? Do you need a recommendation for a plugin? Do you wonder how you are going to deal with a client? Do you just need someone to hear you rant?  I'm here for you.  I am here for the WPStudio community.  I am here to see you succeed because I truly believe that when YOU succeed, then I will succeed.  So... are you ready to join this special community?


Not quite sure yet?

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