Security Studio

Brute force protection, 2FA, and other essential WordPress Security Tools.

Loop Studio

Easily customize the WordPress loop and display the content using a template.

Backup Studio

Backup and restore your WordPress site

Control Studio

Take control of your WordPress site with the perfect customization tool.

Approval Studio

Get proper approvals from your clients during design and development stages.

SEO Studio

Set your WordPress site up for success using this lean and fast SEO plugin

Code Studio

Customize your site with custom CSS, Javascript, LESS, and SASS.

SMTP Studio

Protect your server and ensure that all WordPress emails will be delivered successfully.

Form Studio

Build the perfect form for your WordPress site.

Live Studio

Broadcast your live webinars and evergreen training events inside your WordPress site.

Studio Docs

A clean documentation and communication tool

Sendy Integration with Gravity Forms

Integrate your mail list with your Gravity Forms form.

Deprecated Plugins:
- Feedback Studio
- Download Studio
- Autofield for Gravity Forms
- PromoStudio
- Beaver Studio