Code Studio

Code Studio Plugin Overview


Add and control the inclusion of CSS, Javascript, HTML, and more to your WordPress site with a simple, yet advanced, management panel.


Features of Plugin

  • Manage CSS, Javascript, and HTML

    Code Studio provides an easy to manage interface of all your custom CSS, Javascript, HTML, and other snippets used on a WordPress site.

  • Easily Enable/Disable for Testing

    Code Studio provides an easy on/off switch for all "snippets" that allow for simple management within the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  • Full Conditional Logic Options

    Code Studio has an integrated conditional logic statement that uses WordPress conditional tags to customize when and where a "snippet" will be used.

  • Unique Expiring Preview

    Code Studio can create an expiring preview link that can be shared with non-logged in user (clients) without the "snippet" being enabled on the live site.

  • Robust Code Revisions

    Code Studio takes the default WordPress revisions and adds in additional options and capabilities, providing you with full control and comparison ability.

  • Embedding Control

    Code Studio allows each "snippet" to either be served as a stand-alone file or have the code output directly to the targeted page(s). 

  • Preprocessors Included

    Code Studio allows CSS "snippets" to use regular CSS or to take advantage of the included LESS and SCSS preprocessors.

  • Minification Done Right

    Code Studio allows for all "snippets" to be minified for production release while still maintaining the "snippet" in its editable original format.

  • Custom Shortcode Creation

    Code Studio can create dynamic shortcodes with attributes directly in the HTML "snippet" creator that includes an integrated TinyMCE shortcode insertion button.

Plugin Details

Current Version: v1.1.5

Released: January 11th, 2018

Latest Tested WP Version: 4.9.1


How do I get access to the Code Studio plugin?

All of the plugins, themes, and tools released by are specifically focused for freelancers that work with clients and those WordPress users who want to take greater control over their WordPress sites. All plugins and themes are only available to members of the community.