Download Studio Plugin

Download Studio Plugin Overview


Download Studio provides the ability to track and manage downloadable files and resources on sites that you (or your clients) may not need a full-blown e-commerce solution sitting on two of the site.


Features of Plugin

  • Manage Downloads

    Download Studio manages any type of download link; both on the same server and remote servers.

  • Track Download Count

    Download Studio keeps a complete record of the number of downloads, visible both on overview screen and individual download page.

  • Multiple Access Points

    Download Studio allows for direct URL linking on remote sites as well as local WordPress shortcodes.

  • Custom Download Categories

    Download Studio maintains its own separate categories taxonomy to allow for download organization.

  • Log Management

    Download Studio provides useful logs that track member/non-member downloads, IP address lookup, user-agent identification, and more.

  • Full Customizability

    Download Studio enables the permalink structure, public-facing options, as well as link identifier to all be customized.

Plugin Details

Current Version: v1.3.3

Released: May 23rd, 2018

Latest Tested WP Version: 4.9.6


How do I get access to the Download Studio plugin?

All of the plugins, themes, and tools released by are specifically focused for freelancers that work with clients and those WordPress users who want to take greater control over their WordPress sites. All plugins and themes are only available to members of the community.