Loop Studio

Loop Studio Plugin Overview


Complete access to the WordPress loop query with the ability to customize the display output through a template management system.


Features of Plugin

  • Robust Layout Templates

    Loop Studio has a number of pre-made template layouts as well as offering full customization using standard HTML and WordPress Template Tags.

  • Interactive Query Builder

    Loop Studio provides an interactive "point-n-click" query builder for the WordPress Loop. 

    • Choose what HTML wrapper and CSS class will wrap around the entire display.
    • Assign a custom Loop Studio Template to display the results of the query.
    • Select which Post Types (including any Custom Post Types created by other plugins and/or code) to include in the query.
    • Select specific WordPress Categories and Tags to include and/or exclude from the query.
    • Specify a Custom Taxonomy to help filter the query results.
    • Fine-tune the query results by taking advantage of Custom Fields (meta fields) and comparing the values to desired results.
    • Choose which authors to return results from in the query.
    • Select specific WordPress Post IDs to include or exclude from the query results.
    • Choose how to order the results: Ascending, Descending, Title, Name, Random, and more.
    • Choose whether or not to include pagination in the results of the query.
    • And so many more query loop customizations.
  • Integrated Shortcode Builder

    Loop Studio has a shortcode builder that enables WordPress users to place a custom query/results display anywhere shortcodes are enabled.

  • Full Control over Display Results

    Not only does Loop Studio allow for complete control over the query and loop results, but you can also turn off any included CSS styling that comes with the plugin to allow you to use only your own CSS.

Plugin Details

Current Version: v1.9.0

Released: May 12th, 2018

Latest Tested WP Version: 4.9.6


How do I get access to the Loop Studio plugin?

All of the plugins, themes, and tools released by WPStudio.com are specifically focused for freelancers that work with clients and those WordPress users who want to take greater control over their WordPress sites. All plugins and themes are only available to members of the WPStudio.com community.