Promo Studio

Promo Studio Plugin Overview


Popup and Modal Window manager for WordPress


Features of Plugin

  • Easily Add Modal Windows to WordPress

    Promo Studio allows easy creation of modal windows and calls-to-action in WordPress using the default WordPress editor as its base.

  • Control Visibility and Access

    Promo Studio gives complete control over where, when, and to whom a promotional modal window will display. Select the screen size trigger, whether a user is logged in or not, and even control based on a wide variety of conditional options.

  • Complete Style Control

    Promo Studio gives complete stylistic control to the user from window positioning, sizes, colors, and more.

  • Delay Display of Promo Modal

    Promo Studio can control how long to delay before showing the promo window to a user and can even use cookie settings to control future displays to the same user.

  • Trigger a Promo Modal by Clicks

    Promo Studio can trigger a promo modal display based on an ID or anchor tag link being targeted.

  • Trigger a Promo Modal by Scrolling

    Promo Studio can listen to visitors and delay activating a promo modal until they scroll a certain percentage of the webpage.

  • Don't Let Them Leave Yet

    Promo Studio can activate a promo modal window when the visitor attempts to leave the page (exit-intent).

  • Full Range of Motion

    Promo Studio comes bundled with a whole range of jQuery animated movements to increase the attention towards the promo modal.

Plugin Details

Current Version: v0.8.5.1

Released: August 14th, 2017

Latest Tested WP Version: 4.8.2


How do I get access to the Promo Studio plugin?

All of the plugins, themes, and tools released by are specifically focused for freelancers that work with clients and those WordPress users who want to take greater control over their WordPress sites. All plugins and themes are only available to members of the community.