A Better Way to Handle Staging

There are hundreds of options for WordPress developers to do build and do work on websites. You can run localhost installations using a multitude of options, but its never going to be an "exact" match to your server and you need to tweak numerous settings just to get things to work. There is a better way that will revolutionize your development with WordPress. Join me as we look at Staging Studio!

Backup Studio: Beyond the Basics - Dev sites and Live sites

Backup Studio can do many things, but one of the coolest things is its ability to manage a staging/dev site and match/sync it with a live WordPress site. During this webinar, we will walk through the process of being successful with Backup Studio.

Backup Studio 1-2-3

With the latest release of Backup Studio now in the hands of the community, it is time to take a look at how to maximize the protection of your WordPress websites. We will be looking at the automation features as well as some of the more unique features of Backup Studio that facilitate greater success across a wide range of servers.