How to add Beaver Builder Modules ANYWHERE

Beaver Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to build complex "sections" of a site. There is a lesser-known feature that allows you to build sections and place them into a library of sections that can be pulled from using a WordPress shortcode. This functionality allows you to control EVERY element/section of a WordPress site without the need for a separate plugin.

Beaver Builder Tips & Tricks

Beaver Builder is an extremely powerful page builder system that on the surface is extremely easy to get started. But the longer you use it, you may get frustrated by some of the choices the developers have made. In this webinar, we will be looking at tips & tricks to avoid getting frustrated and learn how to make life easier when working with the Beaver Builder plugin.

Beaver Builder 2.0 - What's all the fuss?

Beaver Builder 2.0 was recently released with a completely refreshed user interface. Come learn what all the fuss is about while we also look at how Beaver Builder 2.0 (and Beaver Themer) can work with the Voce Theme along with a brief look at the future of page builders as it relates to Gutenberg.

Digging Deeper with Beaver Studio

The Beaver Studio plugin is an addon for the premium and free version of Beaver Builder. The goal for this plugin was to teach WPStudio members how to create your own "features" to Beaver Builder. In this first of three walkthroughs, we will dissect the three main parts of each "feature" and learn how to build our own custom solutions for clients.

April 10th - Weekend Code Overview

Over the weekend I pushed out a number of updates for Beaver Studio, Code Studio, and the Voce Theme.  This 28 minute walk-through video provides a quick summary of the changes as well as a basic "how-to" on using the new features.