The Future of WPStudio Going Forward

Finding the right foundation to keep the type of training I've been providing for the past 12+ years going and still staying afloat (and not just in my boat) has been a rough road. Bad business decisions, partnership failures, and focusing on the wrong things at the wrong times have all contributed to the current situation of WPStudio. BUT... I've been spending some serious time with several business coaches and getting help from business leaders OUTSIDE of the unhelpful "WordPress Coaches" and those non-WordPress business leaders have been incredibly helpful to me. And I want to share the direction with all of you who are part of the lifetime membership.

Building an Entrepreneurial Foundation

A business development webinar on building a proper entrepreneurship foundation that will help everyone either fine-tune their current business plan, build a new business plan, or analyze pieces of a solid business plan.

Protecting Your Business Legally

Every business owner needs to do everything in their power to protect themselves from the unexpected. During this webinar, we will look at ways small business owners can protect themselves and their families from unexpected events that happen in business.

A Look Back at 2019

As we prepare for the next year in the life of, its important to look back at the things that went well and the things that didn't go so well. Join Benjamin for an honest look back at 2019 and celebrate the good things and refocus the things that didn't work out as well as planned. This is an annual event we have at that also serves to encourage other business owners to take stock of their current situations.

Preventing Clients from Hell

Freelancers are always going to be dealing with "clients from hell" who will make our lives miserable. Most of these types of clients come with a bright glaring warning sign and siren, but others seem to sneak in the back door and don't show their true colors until after the contract is signed. This webinar is all about providing insight into detecting problem clients BEFORE they become problem clients.

How to Respond to Client Roadblocks

Closing the deal with clients is a skill that can be learned. It can be frustrating when you get really close to closing a deal with a client and they suddenly throw up one of these common "roadblock" claims. This webinar will help freelancers and business leaders learn how to respond to these types of roadblocks and convert more prospects into clients.

Pricing for Clients

If WordPress is free, why do you charge your clients? In this webinar, we will walk through all the costs AND how to price items for your clients. We will cover hosting, domains, themes, plugins, advanced features, and more. If you have ever felt like you struggle to price your work, you do not want to miss this webinar.

Continuity Planning

Any business owner should have a plan for "what happens when...". Do you know what will happen to your business if you get injured? unable to work? or the hard-to-image scenario of death. Who takes care of your clients? How do your clients "get their stuff". In this webinar, we will talk about practical tools and systems to help implement a continuity plan for your business.

Recurring Revenue Streams Review

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of any freelancer or small business owner. During this webinar, we are going to review the top revenue streams for small businesses along with several out-of-the-box concepts that anyone can incorporate into their business.

Competitive Research (or acquiring ignored clients)

The whole field of "competitive research" is a complex minefield of analyzing competitive companies. While this webinar will briefly touch on that aspect, we are going to focus more on how to do "competitive research" to find those ignored clients that would be better off if they were to become your clients.

How to Scale Your Business without all the Fluff

There are many "gurus" on the internet claiming the key to scaling your business with unique and "expensive" methods. The basic fact is that there are three truths about scaling a business. In this webinar, we will look at each of these truths that will help you find the right way to scale your business.