Dig Deep with LiteSpeed Caching Plugin

We will dig deep into the setup and management options of the LiteSpeed Caching Plugin for WordPress. It doesn't matter if you use CyberPanel as your hosting management solution, the LiteSpeed Caching Plugin can be used in any WordPress environment. With integrated optimizations, caching options, CDNs, and more, this is a webinar you won't want to miss.  PLUS, it is FREE!!!

PluginFocus: Rapid Cache

The successor (fork) of the beloved Comet Cache. Join Benjamin as he explores both the basic setup tasks needed as well as diving deeper into some of the "hidden" advanced settings. Come see why the future is bright with this plugin.

A New Look at WordPress Caching

In this webinar, we take a look back at the concept of WordPress caching. There are many different levels and methods of caching content for visitors to WordPress sites. In this webinar, we will look at new plugins, tried and true plugins, "forked" plugins, and even some unique methods of delivering WordPress sites faster and more efficiently.

Speeding Up WordPress in 2019

In this step-by-step overview of "speed traps" with WordPress, we will be looking at practical ways you can speed up any website. We will also be building a "success checklist" for speeding up WordPress.

WordPress Caching

Every developer should be able to know if and when a site needs more advanced caching techniques. (and when its just a server issue) We will be looking at exactly what WordPress caching is doing and what areas are most important.