How did they build that? Client Submissions

I'll be walking you through a "how did they build that" webinar where we will see how to auto-update content on a website for a client without them touching the website editor. Examples would be having a non-profit keep an up-to-date public list of donors coming to the special banquet or keeping a public "signature" list of people signing up to sponsor something.

Building a Frontend Submission System with

Join Benjamin as he walks step-by-step through the process of building a custom content dashboard for a client to avoid having to let the client gain access to the backend of WordPress simply to write/submit a blog post.  If you ever wanted to build a simpler solution for clients to manage content, you don't want to miss this webinar.

New WordPress Getting Started Setup


Over the years, my personal "must install" set of plugins, themes, tools, and systems has evolved. I recently found myself setting up numerous brand new websites (as well as a few take-over sites) and realized I am doing things differently. So, I thought I would log everything and build a training webinar that reflects my new workflow so that it may provide ideas to other WordPress users and developers.

Using Google Data Studio for Client Work

Much of running a successful site comes down to collecting, interpreting, and using data. During this webinar, we will look at what Google Data Studio is, how you can use it for client work, and explore several creative tweaks.

Three ways to pitch a client

Finding a client can be tough, but knowing how to pitch a client can be even tougher. This webinar will introduce several methods of pitching freelance web development projects to clients and hopefully teach all attendees to identify when and where each type of pitch should be used.

WordPress Traveling Toolbox

When you are "away" from your desk, do you have everything you need to "manage" your clients and your WordPress sites? During this webinar, we will look at what tools are available to make your reach more mobile and give you the freedom to unchain yourself from your desk.

Creating On/Off Switch Options for Clients

This webinar is not about how to turn off annoying clients, but rather how to create unique settings areas that allow the client to feel like they have greater control over the output of content on their websites. We will be using the upgraded "Studio Framework" codebase (which changes slightly from the prior framework code). The ability to create "toggles" can enhance a clients feeling of ownership and empower them to take a more personal interest in the site.

Creating a Unique Content Entry Workflow for Clients

For some clients who are unfamiliar with the "WordPress way of doing things", the default WordPress admin screens can many times be overwhelming. In this webinar, we will be building unique and simplified content editing and creations solutions that allow our clients to get their work done without any of the "extra stuff" getting in the way.

Preventing Clients from Hell

Freelancers are always going to be dealing with "clients from hell" who will make our lives miserable. Most of these types of clients come with a bright glaring warning sign and siren, but others seem to sneak in the back door and don't show their true colors until after the contract is signed. This webinar is all about providing insight into detecting problem clients BEFORE they become problem clients.

How to Build a Maintenance Plan for WordPress Clients

Building a maintenance plan for clients is essential to any successful web development business. Even if you already have a maintenance plan in place as part of your business offerings, during this webinar we will be looking at how to attract new clients and make your ongoing plans enticing to any client.

Portfolios vs Testimonials vs Case Studies

The concept of communicating your past development accomplishments can be a useful tool in finding and recruiting new clients. But what is the best way to present that information? In this webinar, we will be looking at the pros and cons as well as implementation concepts of portfolios, testimonials, and case studies.