Control Studio - Setting up Custom Admin UI

The Control Studio plugin received a fairly large update and its time to dig into not only what has changed with the plugin but also look at the step-by-step process of designing a custom admin user interface for all of your clients. For those clients that might need a little extra hand-holding or for those of you who like to deliver a polished product, this webinar is one you don't want to miss.

Control Studio User Roles

Control Studio's latest release introduced custom settings for each user role in WordPress. During this webinar, I'll be demonstrating how you can utilize this user role addon for Control Studio to deliver unique and customized solutions for all of your clients while retaining full control as an administrator.

Control Studio Update

Version 2.1 of Control Studio has now been released and has the ability to customize the post column settings as well as the first add-on plugin to assign settings to user roles.

Using Control Studio to Develop with WordPress

Control Studio has many built-in development tools. During this webinar, we will be exploring how to use the developer tools in Control Studio to enhance current workflows. Learn how to analyze views, conditional logic locations, hooks, and other useful dev tools.

Introduction to the Control Studio Plugin

During this introduction to the release candidate version of the Control Studio plugin we looked at how to get started using the plugin, how to set role options, and also looked a number of the settings panels. We also talked about how to use the reset button if you ever run into issues that may have caused things to go wonky.