Crafting a Typography and Color Palette Design Page for Clients

It doesn't matter if you have a client coming to you who has never had a website before or has always had a strong online presence and/or image... every client should have a "Design Palette Page" for both private usage as well as guidelines for future integrations. During this webinar, we will look at why you should create a design palette for a client and how to implement it into WordPress.

Designing Off Canvas Tools

Creating off-canvas tools, buttons, and resources can enhance the usability of a website. It enables important information to be readily accessible without taking over the main focus of the content.

Taking Control of the Color Wheel

Designers and Developers are always wrestling with using the best color schemes for websites, marketing materials, and brand identity. Understanding the "rules" of the color wheel can not only make this process easier, but it can also open the door to previously undiscovered coordinating colors.

Typography to the Max

Understanding web-based typography and all of the different techniques of customizing the look and feel of content can expand the capabilities of your web development/design business. In this session we will start with a plain block of text and create a beautiful presentation display.