Adding Fonts to WordPress

Whether you use a plugin, enqueue a script through your functions.php, or customize your stylesheet to load all necessary fonts, there are many different ways to add fonts to a WordPress site. BUT... not every way will provide validated output or provide the most optimized method of delivering fonts to site visitors.

CSS vs SVG vs Icon Fonts vs Images

Modern web development has many different ways to display and style visual elements on a site. But which way is best? In this webinar, we will be looking at how to work with CSS shapes, using SVG images, rolling aspects into icon fonts, and even best practices for standardized image files.

Adding and Using Fonts with WordPress

Adding additional fonts to any website can enhance and help better communicate the content that is being presented to visitors. There are several ways to add additional fonts, especially Google Fonts, to a WordPress website. We will look at the options available to WordPress site owners and how to start using these fonts immediately.

Typography to the Max

Understanding web-based typography and all of the different techniques of customizing the look and feel of content can expand the capabilities of your web development/design business. In this session we will start with a plain block of text and create a beautiful presentation display.