The Gig-Economy and the Relationship with Freelancers

Most freelancers have historically gone through low-points in their careers. These could be bad clients, no clients, low-paying clients and such. But times have changed in the transactional ecommerce world and the "gig-economy" is front and center. As a freelancer, we need to learn how to tap into this "gig-economy" to provide greater stability to the success of our business.

Automation for Freelancers

Automation is the salvation of all freelancers. Without automation, freelancers can easily go mad with frustration and then client resentment sets in very easily. During this webinar, we will be looking at creative ways to automate many of your repeat tasks as well as possible solutions to frustrating client requests.

WordPress Traveling Toolbox

When you are "away" from your desk, do you have everything you need to "manage" your clients and your WordPress sites? During this webinar, we will look at what tools are available to make your reach more mobile and give you the freedom to unchain yourself from your desk.