Protecting Your Business Legally

Every business owner needs to do everything in their power to protect themselves from the unexpected. During this webinar, we will look at ways small business owners can protect themselves and their families from unexpected events that happen in business.

Protecting Your Business

Many freelancers get into business through the "backdoor" or "gradually" and this can lead to many steps being missed along the way that can protect your business and your personal stability. In this webinar, we will be talking with legal professionals and looking at many of the necessary "steps" that should be completed for any freelancer to survive in the current business climate.

Cookies and Tracking Legal Issues

With different countries requiring different regulations on data retention and collection, it can get a little crazy staying on the right side of the "law". In this webinar, we will look at best practices and tools to keep your site properly notifying the users without being overly aggressive in communicating things to visitors of the site.

Understanding the FTC Affiliate Disclosure Guidelines

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has some VERY specific rules regarding affiliate links and relationships. They have recently been cracking down on the merchants for not policing their affiliates. This means that if individuals are not abiding by the rules one could possibly have their affiliate accounts terminated or face pressure from the FTC. Join us as we look at the rules and how to abide by the rules.

Breakdown of a Client / Freelancer contract sections

A solid contract for web development projects should contain several sections. These sections help manage expectations, allow payments to be processed in a timely manner, and protect both parties in case of the "unusual". In this webinar we will be looking at several example sections of a development contract and how and why you should include something similar.

BizDev - Terms of Service

Setting up a solid terms of service is not only important for most business websites but a requirement for any site engaging in ecommerce. We will talk about what to include in a terms of service, how to present it to visitors, and other pro tips.