Introduction to LESS

When you begin to manage a much larger project that contains multiple types/modules of CSS styling, working within a single CSS file can become laborious. Plus trying to keep track of unifying variables can become overwhelming. This is where CSS preprocessors can come to the rescue. One of those CSS Preprocessors is LESS. Learn what LESS is, how to use it, and the benefits it can provide for a web project.

PluginStudio - Using the Code Studio plugin

Having a simple way to add custom CSS, JS, and more to a WordPress site never seems to do "exactly" what most developers want out of a plugin. I have focused this plugin to have the ability to create both site-wide CSS and Javascript manageable within an actual editor as well as post-specific. This release of Code Studio also has the ability to handle LESS.  This fourth plugin release for WPStudio members will accomplish this task.