Digging Deeper with Loop Studio

We will be looking at the latest release of Loop Studio that should release prior to the event. I spent most of the weekend coding on the plugin and fixing multiple bugs (as well as creating new bugs). All the templating has been fixed (javascript bug), the saved Queries are now working (another javascript bug), I put a "check" into the plugin to make sure certain folders are writable (required for templating to work properly), and fixed all the templating management issues (deleting/saving/etc). Plus, there are new "starter templates" included in the plugin now.

Building Custom WordPress Loops

Having the ability to easily pull data and content out of the database and display the information in any format is one of the biggest benefits of using WordPress as the backbone of your site. In this webinar, we will dig back into Loop Studio's latest update and see how you can build Custom WordPress Loops for any location on your WordPress site.

Loop Studio Updated

Loop Studio has quietly been updated with new pre-built templates, a new interface, and some other cool new tricks.  During this webinar, we will look at the 3rd iteration of Loop Studio (first a straight widget system, second a shortcode construction system, and now a full loop management system).  I'm excited about this update and I'm sure it will be even easier to use than anything we've done in the past.

Designing an FAQ Section from Scratch

In this "WP Out Loud" webinar, we will be using Pods, Code Studio, and Loop Studio to create a fully functional FAQ section for our site. This will be built from scratch and include the backend development, theme implementation, and design customization. Rather than installing a plugin, learn how to create the elements with tools you already have at your disposal.

Creative Coding with Loop Studio

The Loop Studio plugin is really a "two part" plugin. One part is a custom template management tool that makes it easy to customize the layout of content/posts through simple HTML and PHP tags. The other part is the "checkbox-based" query builder system. In this webinar, we will push the bounds of the Loop Studio plugin in order to create some unique content display areas.

ThemeStudio - Building a Photo-Blogging Website

In this 2 hour webinar, we will be using tools like the Voce Theme, Loop Studio, Gravity Forms, and more to build a PhotoBlogging site with a unique display of each photo. We will be customizing the theme, creating a simplified submission form, and customizing a visually pleasing front end template.

Custom Layouts and Loop Studio Code

The Voce Theme (with version 1.9.8) has been extended to support a unique functionality with its "Custom Layout" template. When a WordPress page has the "Custom Layout" template selected it makes a new action hook available: main_content_custom_layout. Using the new code in the Enhanced Tab of the Voce Theme settings area we can paste the generated Loop Studio code into our theme's functions.php file to control what content is seen on that page.

Loop Studio 2 Introduction

With the release of the new version of Loop Studio, this webinar walks through all the new features, what separates the old version from the new version, as well as several of the upcoming features.

PluginStudio - Using Loop Studio

When working with WordPress sometimes its nice to have a quick tool that provides both a query customizer and the layout structure in a simple system. We will talk how this is useful during both the development stage as well as the release stage due to an upcoming feature that will output code.