PluginFocus - Members Fork

Join Benjamin as he walks through the rationale of forking the original Members plugin by Justin Tadlock. The new "owners" of the Members plugin, MemberPress, implemented a bunch of ads and upsells that actually have nothing to do with the Members plugin. In order to preserve the solid functionality of the Members plugin, WPStudio has forked the core plugin to allow for the WPStudio community access to this great plugin. During this webinar, we will be looking at what has changed, improved, and how to utilize the plugin.

Under-the-Hood with Members

Justin Tadlock's Members plugin unlocked incredible tools in WordPress sites that were previously left to PHP functions. While the basics of the plugin are fairly easy to grasp... in order to truly take advantage of this plugin we need to dig deeper and learn how creating our own roles, capabilities, and protections can enhance any WordPress experience.

Quality Plugins - Simple Membership

The plugin, Simple Membership, is simple on the surface but if you dig a little deeper you will find an excellent solution (for almost no cost... depending on your addon needs) for building the next membership site for your (or your client's) business. Control access to your content while giving your members complete flexibility for managing their membership.

InstaWebinar - Building a Membership Site with No Money Down

There will be times that your clients (or you) may need a site that isn't selling membership but needs an easy way to control who, how, where, when, (and any other question you can think of) a user has access on the site. You may want to control elements of pages or have a member landing page that shows different content to different user groups. This special "instawebinar" will walk you through the process.