Extending WordPress - Menus

WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform that is open to extending in whatever way you want. Some WordPress users believe they are constrained to what their theme allows. During this webinar, we will be extending WordPress by creating additional menus and hooking those menus into different locations on our site.

Extend Any WordPress Theme

We all have our favorite themes. But sometimes we wish that we could just have an extra menu in a certain location or we want some easy to use widget area in another location. Using some standard WordPress code anyone can extend their WordPress theme to support exactly what they want in their structure.

Lock Voce Theme Menu to Top when Scrolling

This short 12 minute video will walk you through the process of setting up the Voce Theme's main menu to be able to lock to the top of the browser window when the page begins scrolling.  We will look at the simple CSS needed and the basics of the small bit of jQuery that is used to add and remove the CSS class.

Using Conditional Logic with WordPress Menus

WordPress has conditional logic built into its core that can determine visitor's status and other bits of information. And while its fairly simply to implement widget logic or utilize a "membership" plugin to control access to content, it can be a little tough when dealing with WordPress menus. In this webinar we will look at both a plugin and simple PHP code to handle visibility of WordPress menus.