PluginFocus - Custom Layouts

The developers of the "Search and Filter" plugin have released a new (and free) plugin that makes it easy to customize the output and layout of content. Not only is this Custom Layouts plugin fast, it also has a unique visual layout editor along with a workable query editor.

PluginFocus - Koko Analytics

Koko Analytics is an open-source analytics plugin for WordPress that does not use any external services and respects your visitors’ privacy. Join Benjamin as he walks through how to setup, customize, and utilize this traffic tracking plugin that is super easy to use. If you have ever been concerned about how much Google (or other tracking scripts) track about your customers and visitors, you won't want to miss this extremely useful plugin walkthrough.

PluginFocus - Members Fork

Join Benjamin as he walks through the rationale of forking the original Members plugin by Justin Tadlock. The new "owners" of the Members plugin, MemberPress, implemented a bunch of ads and upsells that actually have nothing to do with the Members plugin. In order to preserve the solid functionality of the Members plugin, WPStudio has forked the core plugin to allow for the WPStudio community access to this great plugin. During this webinar, we will be looking at what has changed, improved, and how to utilize the plugin.

WordPress Privacy Control

Bring WordPress up to date according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also, handle Responsive Cookie Notice – Imprint + Privacy Policy Generator – 2 click solution for external Services. If you need help with privacy controls on your (or your client's) sites, then you won't want to miss this webinar on a very useful plugin.

New Plugins in the Repository

Join Benjamin as he unveils a wide variety of new and updated WordPress plugins and tools. While many of these tools may not be useful on every WordPress site, most of them will serve as a tool in your developer toolbox waiting for the one client who needs a specific functionality.

PluginFocus - Finding New Plugins

During this session, we will be exploring a number of "new" WordPress plugins and tools that have only recently raised their heads within our ecosystem.

PluginFocus - Finding New Plugins

During this session, we will be exploring a number of "new" WordPress plugins and tools that have only recently raised their heads within our ecosystem. PLUS, we will be taking a moment to look at the status (after a year) of where ClassicPress (the fork) is in its maturity.

PluginFocus: Rapid Cache

The successor (fork) of the beloved Comet Cache. Join Benjamin as he explores both the basic setup tasks needed as well as diving deeper into some of the "hidden" advanced settings. Come see why the future is bright with this plugin.

PluginFocus - WPDataTables

We kick off the new month by looking at the plugin WPDataTables. This is an extremely powerful plugin that can interpret any WordPress query, JSON file, SQL, or other systems of data and display it in a sortable, queriable, and customizable table layout with tons of features. While this plugin can be expensive (when compared to other single plugins), the plugin is in the GPL Sharbox (and powers the sharebox) so you can "test" it out without a big hit to the wallet.

Uncovering the Undiscovered Plugins

There are SOOO many plugins to choose from when it comes to working with WordPress. And there are more being released every day. So how do you stay current and know about newer plugins that may not have the traction yet... Join Benjamin, and you'll find the hidden gems (and some other strange "solutions").

Dive into the GPL ShareBox

In this new series, we will look at one or two plugins that are in the WPStudio GPL ShareBox and explore how to use the plugin as well as looking at the benefits provided by the plugin. PerfMatters is the plugin we looked at in this webinar