Lazy Loading without a plugin - WP Speed Series

Every tiny slice of time you can combine to serve up a faster WordPress site is always going to help both your user satisfaction as well as the search engine optimization rankings. During this webinar, we will look at methods of lazy loading (loading behind the scenes) without having to add another plugin to your websites.

Speeding Up WordPress in 2019

In this step-by-step overview of "speed traps" with WordPress, we will be looking at practical ways you can speed up any website. We will also be building a "success checklist" for speeding up WordPress.

Prepare your WordPress site for a surge in traffic

A sudden traffic spike on your site can be a lovely surprise until your site can't deal with the sudden influx of visitors. This tutorial explains how to anticipate spikes and prepare your site in advance. It also shows you what to do if your site slows down or crashes after a surge. In this webinar, we will look at solutions that you can put into place to protect your sites.

Stripping WordPress

It is a safe guess that most people using WordPress only use a few parts of its available features. So, what if you don't use certain features? Is there a way to "turn off"/"deactivate" that specific feature. Most likely, yes.  During this webinar, we will investigate ways of making WordPress a lean, mean, fighting machine.

How to Fix a Slow WordPress Admin

There are many reasons why the admin area of a WordPress site is slowing down. In this webinar, we will look at numerous reasons why it happens and also how to fix those slowdowns.

Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

The speed of your site is very important for both search engine rankings as well as user satisfaction. In this webinar, we will go through the process of how, why, and what areas you can optimize to increase the speed of a site.