Toolset - Creating a Search Form

Many years ago, I walked developers through a method of creating a search form using Caldera Forms and Pods. But with the recent sun-setting (closing down) of Caldera Forms, a new solution is needed. Sure, there are specific premium "search" plugins, but those can be cumbersome for basic implementation on client sites. Join Benjamin, as he demonstrates step-by-step how to use Toolset to create an easy-to-use search system for WordPress clients.

Toolset Types and its comparison with Pods

The Types plugin by Toolset provides a robust visual environment to create, manage, customize, and develop custom post types within WordPress. Both similar and different than the Pods plugin, during this webinar we will be laying the groundwork for understanding the Types plugin for future webinars that demonstrate how to build unique areas of WordPress using the Toolset set of tools.