UpdraftCentral - Instawebinar

Hot on the heels of doing the last Updraftplus Backup webinar, we spend some time looking at how UpdraftCentral has become a solid option for freelancers looking at remotely managing their client's sites. UpdraftCentral provides an easy to backup, update, restore, and manage WordPress sites remotely.

Under-the-Hood with Updraft Plus

There are many different solutions for backing up your WordPress site. One of the solid contenders that continues to improve each release is Updraft Plus. In this webinar, we will not only look at how to automate backups, manage partial backups, restore and migrate sites, but also how to fine-tune many of the settings to maximize the capability of this plugin.

Woah... Look at what UpdraftPlus can do now

The UpdraftPlus plugin has come a long way since its early stages of a simple backup plugin. Not only can UpdraftPlus create solid backups but it also has a built in "multiple site remote management" system built into its core. We will be taking a look at the pros and cons of the plugin in relation to working for freelancers.