Building with the VocePress Header Builder

The VocePress theme was built to remove the requirement of "getting into the code" to customize the theme. While going fully "code-crazy" is still possible (and welcomed), the VocePress Header Builder makes life so much easier if you understand the true power behind the tool. During this webinar, we will be building numerous types of headers to uncover the customization functionality within the header.

Dynamic Page Templates with VocePress

VocePress has an advanced method of controlling singular and archive page layouts and customization in addition to the overall global site settings. This capability makes it easy for WordPress developers to "pre-design" future structures of content that have not been written yet by the client. Join Benjamin as he walks through the inner workings of how the VocePress theme handles this task in a simple method.

VocePress - Building a Magazine Site

The VocePress theme is an incredibly versatile and fast theme for developing any type of website. During this webinar, we will be building a "magazine-style" theme with a creative frontpage and beautifully designed article pages. Many of the techniques demonstrated in this webinar can be utilized in other themes if you currently do not use the VocePress theme.

Digging Deeper with VocePress

The VocePress theme has an incredible amount of flexibility. In this webinar, we will be diving into how to setup most common features on a website and how to customize the look and feel of a site.