Voce Theme

Voce Theme Overview


Structured theme framework that enables WordPress developers to create any type of website without restrictions or limitations.


Features of the Voce Theme

  • Multiple Child Themes Available

    The Voce Theme currently has five unique starter child themes that are available to start building your own custom WordPress site.

  • Control Content - Sidebar Relationship

    The Voce Theme allows for content area and sidebars to be specified through a visual selection tool. This can be done both globally and individually.

  • Full Width & Boxed Layout

    Every site powered by the Voce Theme allows for either full-width or boxed layout structures.

  • Simple Checkbox-based Settings Control

    The Voce Theme has simple to use checkboxes that turn on and off settings/features for a theme. Examples: show author, show date, display featured images, activate pagination, etc.

  • Massive Amount of Hooks and Filters

    The Voce Theme is jammed packed with hooks and filters that allow users to customize their site EXACTLY how they want it to look. Hooks can be accessed either through code or using the unique interactive Voce Hook settings area in the dashboard.

  • Code Snippet Library

    The Voce Theme comes bundled with numerous code snippets to assist in the customization of sites.

Plugin Details

Current Version: v2.0.1

Released: December 17th, 2018

Latest Tested WP Version: 5.0.2


Child Theme Examples


How do I get access to the Voce Theme?

All of the plugins, themes, and tools released by WPStudio.com are specifically focused for freelancers that work with clients and those WordPress users who want to take greater control over their WordPress sites. All plugins and themes are only available to members of the WPStudio.com community.