Beyond the Basics: InfiniteWP

Beyond the Basics: InfiniteWP

As a requested webinar, we will be digging deeper into automated systems within InfiniteWP. We will be looking at automating backups, optimization, as well as lesser known methods. We will also be looking at comparisons with MainWP, CMSCommander, and ManangeWP.

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Webinar Originally Broadcast: May 21, 2024

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Additional Notes:

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InfiniteWP Code Snippets:

Get description field

echo get_bloginfo('description');

Display Server Load

$loads = '';
foreach(sys_getloadavg() as $load)
 $loads .= $load . ', ';
echo substr($loads, 0, -2);

Display Theme Used:

echo 'Theme: '.get_settings('template');

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