Hooking in the Studio

Hooking in the Studio

A quick crash course (insta-webinar) on how to add something to the head and header of the Voce Theme

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Webinar Originally Broadcast: May 21, 2024

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Additional Notes:

16:49:41 From Marianne Hegedus : chat here or a-studio.com/chat? My dog has to go out, brb
16:51:24 From Sara : Hi, Everyone!
16:51:36 From Marianne Hegedus : hi Sara :)
16:51:48 From Marianne Hegedus : dunno
16:53:18 From Marianne Hegedus : emphasema
16:53:22 From Kathy : Glad I don’t have a microphone!
16:53:25 From Marianne Hegedus : jk
16:54:28 From Kerry Carron : is your header in your ? I thought the original question was adding something to the …
16:54:59 From Marianne Hegedus : Yes, same question as Kerry above
16:55:02 From Sara : I second kerry’s question
16:55:04 From Benjamin Bradley : https://wpden.com/
16:56:52 From Marianne Hegedus : right isn’t the question for the head Sara?
16:57:08 From Sara : Yes – but he said he was getting to that part
16:57:18 From Marianne Hegedus : ok great
16:57:22 From Jan : Like some code she has to add to the header for verification or something?
16:57:34 From Jan : I mean…
16:57:58 From Sara : yes – exactly Jan
16:58:49 From Sara : visual = hook
17:00:53 From Marianne Hegedus : Sara what is your example?
17:00:59 From Jan : So, to add something to the area, you must use either a hook or enqueue a script.
17:01:25 From Sara : Why the footer?
17:01:37 From Kerry Carron : @Sara what is it you need to add to the ? Some code or something?
17:01:59 From Sara : huh.
17:02:01 From Jan : Doesn’t Generate Press have an option to add code to your ?
17:02:09 From Jan : That’s what I was thinking of…
17:02:18 From Kerry Carron : @Jan so did iT Builder… I loved that
17:02:36 From Marianne Hegedus : I think GP does and also Genesis. It’s handy.
17:02:51 From Jan : Yeah, it’s like a meta box, sorta.
17:03:04 From Marianne Hegedus : Who wants a lil GUI for this in Voce? Vote below :)
17:03:21 From Kerry Carron : +1 hehehe
17:03:23 From Jan : LOL – yes, unless BB has a reason to not do that.
17:04:04 From Jan : Like to verify for CloudFlare or something.
17:04:12 From Marianne Hegedus : or you can use a plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/header-footer/
17:04:16 From Sara : No – I was thinking for a font and/or analytics. but now I know the font needs to be enqueued.
17:04:17 From Kerry Carron : how about tracking code script from an outside source?
17:04:47 From Marianne Hegedus : the font enqueue goes in your child them functions.php
17:05:03 From Jan : “Put this code in your header to verify that you own this domain.”
17:05:48 From Sara : Yes, Jan. BB mentioned the code to verify the site should be at the top….
17:06:27 From Jan : Yes
17:06:40 From Jan : New header.php file in the child theme.
17:07:09 From Kerry Carron : @BB is there a reason why you do not have the Analytics and Script thing like Builder had?? i.e.. List any JavaScript or other code to be manually inserted inside the site’s tag in the input below.
17:07:11 From Sara : Do you teach a remedial php class?
17:07:13 From Kerry Carron : and List any JavaScript or other code to be manually inserted in the site’s footer just above the tag in the input below.
17:07:39 From Marianne Hegedus : this is how I enque google font in my voce site in the child functions.php file
17:07:41 From Marianne Hegedus : function add_google_fonts_to_wp(){
$query_args = array(
‘family’ => ‘Lato:300,300i,400,400i,700,700i|Raleway:400,500’,
‘subset’ => ‘latin,latin-ext’,
wp_enqueue_style(‘google-fonts’, add_query_arg( $query_args, “//fonts.googleapis.com/css” ), array(), null);
add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘add_google_fonts_to_wp’ );
17:08:22 From Sara : Ok!
17:08:33 From Sara : I need php for dummies…
17:09:17 From Kerry Carron : ahhh ok, so it IS there… Just use the “before” for the ones that say
17:09:18 From Marianne Hegedus : Sara – can you get free lynda.com from your library? If so, there are PHP courses there.
17:09:50 From Kerry Carron : but script is OK?
17:09:56 From Sara : So either put in the header.php or the before html hook?
17:10:09 From Kathy : I wish my library offered the free Lynda.com
17:10:10 From Sara : I’ll look Marianne – thanks!
17:10:41 From Kerry Carron : @Sara yes except the child theme header.php if in a header.php
17:11:04 From Sara : Yes – I might need to watch this again. But it definitely moved me forward :)
17:11:13 From Marianne Hegedus : My library did not have it but I googled my state and found a library I could join as a non-resident and got access that way.
17:11:17 From Jan : Sorry, I’m no a hooker. LOL
17:11:29 From Jan : Thanks, BB.
17:11:33 From Kathy : Thanks!
17:11:40 From Kerry Carron : TY BB
17:11:43 From Sara : Thank you so much!

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