WordPress 5.2.3 Updated

Many of you are probably waking up to either your site all upgraded last night… or you have some minor work to do this morning.  After looking through all the changelogs, these are the “changes” of note:

  • Fixed the block editor (Gutenberg) styling bug that was an issue for some sites/themes.
  • Media “trash” button issue was fixed
  • A few fixes to the Twenty Nineteen theme
  • They had to go back and fix header hierarchy issues with the Custom Header and the Custom Background (add_theme_feature()) functions.
  • Stopped emojis from emojiing themselves inside preformatted tags
  • Fixed the View Details modal window layout for plugins
  • Added the ability to use alt tags for gallery images
  • Fixed the Customizer Color Picker from disappearing when interacting with it
  • There were also a number of font/text/sizing/spacing changes that were added.
  • Plus a few security holes (mainly XSS issues) were patched.

Hope that helps everyone know what was in the code update. Please remember that it is always a good idea to have a backup of your sites prior to updating any code that deals with WordPress.

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