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Hi all, my name is Birgit Gerling. In chat rooms with international participants, you usually see me as "BG" (for at least 15 years) simply because I got tired of hearing my name mispronounced in so many different ways, without having a chance to correct it.

My professional background is translation, typesetting, and publication of books (and basically all sizes and types of printed matters), as well as video productions. For a few years, I worked as management assistant and somehow "stumbled" into webdesign since I knew about layout and coding for typesetting. Eventually, I started my own company, doing publication projects for my husband and for customers, producing Excel/VBA based tools for scientific/statistical purposes, but mainly building websites. (When I first discovered WordPress ten years ago, I edited plugins, themes, and even core files if I wanted to change things ... - and was of course learning quickly that updates can kill sites.)

The usual web projects I nowadays work on for customers are for presentation purposes or blogs and consist of five to a few hundred pages/posts. Some "adopted" sites use(d) different cms; I am hoping to drop the last "non-WordPress customer site" still this year. Presently, as I find time, I am busy working on a few projects for myself - and am trying to learn Italian.