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For the past year I have built all my new websites using the Block editor. Gutenberg has evolved from clunky to easy to use. At first, I found myself using a lot of "Custom HTML" blocks to overcome Gutenberg's deficiencies. Then again, I built dozens of CSS/HTML websites before adopting WordPress as my main platform, so it is easy to cobble a page of part of a page with HTML. With page all builders you're dependent on the developers keeping current with the twists and turns of the Block editor as it evolves.

I haven't tried Gutenator yet. I may install it on a dev site and give it a go. I use the GeneratePress theme and the GenerateBlocks plugin for all my new sites and have converted many of the old ones to this combination. I have never liked using page builders, although it appears that the WP Block editor is evolving into just that.