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Howdy, y'all! I'm Paul Oyler and I live in Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh. In some WordPress circles, I'm known as Pappy Paul or Pappy Oyler, because PappyOyler is my Twitter handle, and I'm Pappy to 4 wonderful grandkids. (Which means I'm old enough to be "Pappy" to a great many current WordPress designers.)

I've been a WordPress user since a month or two after the fork from b2 became known as "WordPress". I'm not really a developer or a designer, but I assemble things and have met and then learned to ask the right people how to do something so that my clients end up with a site that they both need and like. I then manage the website for each of my clients, taking care of hosting, updates, security, and, depending on the client and the contract, I'll take care of content additions and/or editing.

Most of my clients these days are churches, ministries, and small businesses. I used to focus mostly on motorsports racing teams, tracks, and racing series, as for 15 years I was also a racing photographer and knew many of the racers personally. Over time, most of the racers I worked with either quit racing or scaled back their racing program and didn't need a website (or didn't want to have to pay for a website). I quit doing racing photography because of health issues and I just didn't have the current connections to get new clients. I do still have a couple of loyal racing operations that have been with me for close to 20 years, so I still have at least some connection to what was a major part of my past.

Another part of my past that is often weaved into my interactions with various people in WP groups is my love for The Grateful Dead. In the 70's I was as "out there" as it was possible to be, and while my life has changed drastically over the years, I still love the music of the Grateful Dead, and a "special" brownie once in a great while. To know more about me, my past, and my present, you can always check out my personal journal at pauloyler.online.