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    I started building a staff pages webinar similar to what Benjamin showed us here

    Can anyone see the problem with the code in my pods template? It contains shortcode, but though the individual posts look and work correctly, the archive page shows the shortcodes:

    Pods Template



    Do I have to get rid of the shortcode or is there a way to make it show correctly?


    AHHH... Simple Fix. (I hope)

    Just add the following code to your wp-config.php file


    And everything "should" work out okay.

    A shortcode within a Pods template is technically a "nested shortcode" and it won't work by default. This is why we need to specifically tell the WordPress site that we are enabling nested shortcodes so the Pods template understands how to parse the difference between Pods Shortcodes & Magic Tags from regular WordPress shortcodes... and such.

    Side note: If you are using a single shortcode to show Pods on the frontend and you don't want to enable the full nested shortcodes with the above line of code in your wp-config.php file, you can also convert your Pods shortcode to something like this:

    In the first example, this would be a Pods shortcode being used on a regular WordPress page:

    [pods name="book_pod" template="book_template" limit="5"]

    If we want to convert this one to allow for THIS instance of the Pod display (because the book_template has nested shortcodes), we can modify that Pods shortcode to look like this:

    [pods name="book_pod" template="book_template" limit="5" shortcodes="1"]

    But for the most part, it will just be easier adding the full wp-config.php modification.


    @Benjamin, you are the best !!! Thank you !!! Easy fix, indeed. I had to add the wp-config.php line plus your last line. Then it worked.

    (BTW, I did not mean to build a webinar but a staff page like in your webinar. 4 weeks away from a few days of vacation, obviously I do need a break!)


    @Benjamin, please allow another question concerning the same project:

    The presently live TEAM page (Voce - S-C-S) is responsive. The version which consists of the PODS items partially lost responsiveness:

    Though the sidebars still move below the content area and even the texts move below the photos (instead of sitting next to them), the width of the texts are staying the same. The "bubbles" including the "bubble texts" still stay next to the photos and keep their width.

    What did I miss? (Do you need to see the pages/URLs?)


    Yes, I'll need to see the Pages/URLs to see if I can figure out what is going on. You can also send those directly to me if your site isn't fully live yet at benjamin@wpstudio.com. I have an idea why this is happening, but without seeing the page I can't say if the media query is drawing the right markup or not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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