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    So, I fell down a YouTube trail of videos recently and in my research to learn more about certain groups I came upon their current website.


    This is the perfect example of an unfinished website. Now, this is a group of performers your performers who have had numerous opportunities to sing at large venues and events across the United States. They are probably best known for covering broadway musicals. (Example)

    BUT if you look at their website, you'll see two "random" links in their More menu. You will be introduced to a strange "Restaurant Menu" that somehow shows up on their site. This is an example of either an "unfinished" section of a website that is simply showing default demo information OR a site that nobody has looked at for a while and may not realize they got hacked. Either way, it is a good reminder to always check your clients sites that you manage so you can be on top of the situation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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