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    The current "usage tipping point" for WordPress is what people use to BUILD sites. Maintenance and daily usage is one thing (and in that case, I'm a firm believer that straight "data-entry" for content and pure WordPress management wins every day. But when it comes to "building" the site for the first time, the amount of options is astounding, and also the chosen pathway dictates how daily usage and maintenance is handled.

    I'm wondering if an ongoing series (for members) that focuses on all of the options and a how-to build certain types of pages/sites would be beneficial for everyone to see what the current options are and consider what other options exist in the WordPress ecosystem. So, the sessions covered would be:

    1. Elementor & Elementor Pro
    2. Beaver Builder
    3. Oxygen
    4. Brizy & Brizy Pro
    5. Divi
    6. WP Page Builder
    7. Page Builder by SiteOrigin
    8. Themify Builder
    9. Gutenberg & Addons
    10. GeneratePress & Pro/Elements/Addons
    11. VocePress and Page Templates
    12. and Maybe Visual Composer

    What are your thoughts? Would you like me to walk through the pros/cons/how-tos of these options so that you will feel more comfortable choosing a specific path?


    I'm always open to seeing what else is out there and how it would actually work, so I think this would be a great series.


    I concur with Paul, this would be a great series!


    I agree as well as I have not looked into several of them yet. It would definitely make sense to learn about them in order to make a more qualified decision about why or why not to use them.


    Yes, these will be a great series.
    Personally I am very interested in Beaver Builder, GeneratePress & Pro/Elements/Addons, and Gutenberg & Addons.


    I'm on a low information diet to keep me focused and good at a few things. So I'm interested in just the Beaver Builder trainings.


    Yes, I would be interested - particularly in Beaver Builder and Generate Press.


    The Series has been scheduled.


    Another request: I own Zion Builder. Any change you can find some time to look into this builder?
    If needed I can supply a copy (GPL).
    Thanks in advance.


    I'll look into Zion Builder and see if we can add it to the list.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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