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    I am using Loop Studio 2.2.1 on a construction site (VocePress and WP 5.7.4) and have trouble NOT displaying a post I don't want to show in the loop:

    [loopstudio template="template_709125" posts_per_page="10" post_type="post" category__in="1" category__not_in="5" post__not_in="207"]

    No matter which combination of "...__in" and "...not__in" I am using, I cannot get rid of it.

    There are only 2 posts right now on the site, one in category 1 and the other in category 5 (this is post with id 207). Setting the unwanted post to "draft" will only hide the problem for the moment and it will re-appear when the site goes live. What am I doing wrong?

    Loop Studio problem


    I'm working on recreating the situation to figure out if I can get to the bottom of the issue.


    As a side note: It is not possible to scroll to the footer of that page, it seems that the page gets reloaded when you try to scroll beyond the contents area.

    If it helps to have access to the site, please let me know.


    Hi Benjamin, the initial problem still exists, but the flickering while trying to scroll down to the page bottom stops as soon as there is enough text showing in the contents area.

    And somehow my question (i.e. forum post) about FormStudio never showed on the forum. Do you think you can still find it?

    Thank you"


    Hello Benjamin, please, PLEASE, come back !!!

    The problems with Form Studio and Loop Studio on a customer site still persist.

    • My work-around for the Form Studio problem is: I have to make a copy of a form and edit the DATABASE to make it usable for a new application.
    • My work-around for the Loop Studio problem is: I have to manually set the post of a past event to DRAFT and set a redirect to the events overview page.
    • In addition, I cannot have more than 1 category of posts because I need a clean list of event invitations - without anything else in between.

    This is not how I want to work on a customer site.

    Please help!
    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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