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    I'm going to be transferring the changelog to the theme over to this forum.


    I'm wrapping up the changes on a MASSIVE update to the VocePress theme that should make the theme even more solid for the future.

    ==Changes in v1.3==
    - NEW Hero section - Replaced the old (and confusing) "Page Header" section
    - NEW Dedicated Single Post page options (no longer just "default")
    - NEW Dedicated Single Page page options (no longer default post layout for archives)
    - NEW Native breadcrumb module
    - NEW Added White Label Functionality in the "Pro" addon plugin.
    - ENHANCED Header Elements - added new options to show shopping cart information
    - UPDATED Social Icons - added WordPress, Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, GitLab, and Bitbucket
    - UPDATED Sidebar - added option to set the widget title tag for better SEO
    - UPDATED Footer - added option to set widget title tag for better SEO
    - NEW Gutenberg - added new theme supports for theme font sizes, custom line-height, custom units, custom cover block padding, custom link color
    - ENHANCED Footer Elements - added HTML to accept tags and shortcodes
    - UPDATED Blog - thumbnail size options for blog post layouts
    - UPDATED Blog - Content or excerpt option for default post layout
    - UPDATED Customizer - border-radius and box-shadow made available for posts layout and sidebars
    - NEW WPML Compatibility with a wpml-configuration file
    - FIX Header Elements - SVG logo now will display using instead of inline SVG (prevents desktop/mobile crossover issues)
    - FIX Social Icons - updated a few social icons
    - FIX Social Icons - Add hidden label for better accessibility
    - FIX Social Icons - Removed Google+
    - FIX Google Fonts - Updated Fonts list
    - FIX Elementor compatibility - moved compatibility CSS to standalone inline CSS
    - FIX Customizer - Improved Customizer UI/UX
    - FIX Theme Dashboard - improved layout to better manage white label
    - FIX removed Page Header section
    - FIX implement Filters API to allow further modifications on each template part's HTML markup
    - FIX used localize scripts to define header bars JS configuration.
    - FIX Header - shopping cart dropdown toggle now works properly
    - FIX Footer - widgets column width bug fixed
    - FIX Customizer preview frame size fixed.
    - REMOVED Woocommerce Compatibility - Turning this into a separate plugin if people so desire.
    - REMOVED Preloader Functionality - No longer needed with the speed of the theme and caching

    I'll let everyone know when the theme releases.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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