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    Is anyone here using Zoho Books.

    My desktop literally died last week - so I fired up a brand new dell i9 and Windows 11 laptop - but now my Quickbooks 2014, of course, doesn't work.

    So, I called Intuit to inquire about the new version Quickbooks 2022 - which is a $300+/year subscription fee.

    So, i am looking into Zoho Books - but Zoho Books does Not have a Check Register - which is what I rely on when using QuickBooks.

    Plus, my accountant uses QuickBooks and requires that my Accounting Data - be QuickBooks friendly to thereby be imported to QuickBooks.

    My Question:
    Should I stick with QuickBooks and pay the $300+ Subscription Fee every year (the Easiest Option)


    Fight my way thru ZohoBooks WithOut the Register and Save $200/month - Note: Zoho Books costs $100/Month is my understanding.



    My suggestion will almost always be, use what tool that enables you to do your business the way you do your business. If you need check registers and that is important, then use the tool that provides you the feature that utilizes that feature.

    I was recently talking with my parents-in-law and for the past few years they have been "snow-birding" in Arizona in a nice trailer. But they have mentioned that they really miss baths. So, I encouraged them that if a bathtub is something they value they should look into replacing their shower with an RV tub.

    Life is too short to simply "put up with something". If you have the means and ability, choose the tools that give you the functionality that you desire.


    Excellent, Thank You, Benjamin!

    That is Great Advice and I will go with it and Stick with Quick books!

    Much Appreciated,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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