Voce 1.9 and Voce 2.5 Conversations

Join Benjamin as he shares the rationale behind maintaining two different theme code bases and why he believes this is beneficial for different types of users.

Voce 2.0 Theme Launch Walkthrough

Voce 2.0 Theme is now out in the wild and has an optimized and faster structure along with GridCSS controls and more.  Watch this overview to understand how the updated theme operates.

Voce Theme working with Page Builders and Woo

The Voce Theme, due to the speedy handling of the loop, sometimes requires a little bit of tweaking to work with different page builders and plugins like WooCommerce. During this webinar, we will look at the best practices and methods to allow the Voce Theme to power all of your projects.

Voce Theme & Custom Post Types

Because of the way the Voce Theme is optimized for speed, sometimes developers who are extending WordPress may need to customize how the Voce Theme treats custom post types. In this webinar, the secrets of extending metaboxes and settings options within the Voce Theme settings to additional custom post types are revealed.

Voce Theme and Archive Pages

The Voce Theme handles template hierarchy slightly different than other WordPress themes because of a simple loop.php file that helps to speed up sites. Because of this, we need to spend a bit of time looking at how to customize/create/handle archive pages for sites.

Building a Custom Page with the Voce Theme

Building custom pages with WordPress can be an extremely creative way of breaking BEYOND the standard blog post and static page methods that come default with WordPress. We will be building a unique page (landing/anchor) that will pull in different areas to dynamically populate.

Voce Theme - Instawebinar

Join me for a walk through of how to customize the Archive pages... how to filter the page/post navigation... and even how to do a restructuring of the Voce page layout framework with one or two lines of code.

Voce Theme 2.0 - Public Beta

The Voce Theme 2.0 release is ready for its public beta to be tested by all. Have no worries, for now they will be on two separate update tracks, so you don't have to update your pre-2.0 Voce powered sites yet. Join me on the overview launch webinar.

Hooking in the Studio

A quick crash course (insta-webinar) on how to add something to the head and header of the Voce Theme

ThemeStudio: Converting an HTML site to Voce Theme

The Voce Theme is a flexible WordPress theme that has a core five divs that make it easy to convert over HTML and other CMS-based websites. In this webinar, we will be taking a standard HTML/CSS website and walking through the entire process of converting it over to a Voce Child Theme. Don't miss this webinar that will walk through several tricks of working with the Voce Theme.

Voce Theme Archives and Custom Functions

In this "scheduled-impromptu" webinar we looked at multiple areas of the Voce Theme and how to set it up properly.

  • How to enqueue jQuery for the front end of the site.
  • How to customize the Archive page and the logic that goes into a single archive page.
  • How to overwrite display functions found in the parent Voce Theme.