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    First, you can read all about the MASSIVE amount of changes in the changelog I released 5 days ago.

    Second, this is a soft rollout of the theme and the plugin because I want to make sure everything is working properly before I PUSH the update directly to the sites that have the theme and addon plugin installed. So if you want to test out the theme, update in a staging environment, or just want to have a go... you can download both the theme and the addon plugin from your My Account page.

    But several of the big changes to take note of:

    • New White Label Functionality
    • New Hero Section that fixes the Title Bar confusion
    • Even faster than before. The theme now has a 26KB page size and 482ms page load time.
    • Complete rewrite of the theme's Javascript... No more jQuery and just straight vanilla javascript
    • Only 2 HTTP requests (most themes have 4 or more HTTP requests) on the frontend to increase speed
    • All icons are now modern SVG icons for faster speed along with better memory usage to help render pages faster
    • The entire customizer experience is faster and laid out in a more logical method
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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