WordPress has a method of splitting your content to only show the “top half” on the is_home() conditional location.  (This is normally the “Blog” feed page in WordPress.  It could be your homepage, or it could be a custom page depending on your theme and setup.)  This “splitting method” is called the “Read More” link.

The “Read More” link is identified as <!--more-->  in the code/content area of your WordPress post/page.  The location in your post content that contains this “Read More” link will return an active link from the blog feed to the full post page.  What happens next when a reader clicks on the “Read More” link presents the “issue” that WordPress owners experience.

The “Read More” link jumps to the place in the code where the <!–more–> tag had been placed, essentially chopping off the top of the post.  While some themes and designs may not be bothered by this experience, many developers create custom user experiences that differ from the blog feed and the individual post page.  Therefore the “Read More” link jump can be a jolting feeling for the readers.

The following piece of code can be placed in the active theme’s functions.php file and will remove the jumping element of the “Read More” link.  This code snippet will provide a straight link directly to the post page allowing for the intended theme experience to occur.

An example of when this code might be useful would be when a featured image is only used on the full single post page but not on the blog feed.  If the “Read More” jump process bypasses the visual experience of the featured image the effect of the blog could be diminished.

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