The core developers of WordPress have laid out a release timeline for the upcoming WordPress 4.8 version.  The goal is to have the next version of WordPress released before the upcoming WordCamp Europe, that takes place in the middle of June.  June 8th is the targeted release date for WordPress 4.8.

Note: You can start playing around with pre-releases and beta versions on a test site right now using the Beta Tester WordPress plugin.

This Friday is also the start of the beta versions, so after this Friday there "should" be no more new features added to the 4.8 version.  So, let's look at a few of the features that have a good chance at getting included in this next version of WordPress.

Upcoming Features in 4.8

  • A lot of the work being done for WordPress 4.8 is laying the groundwork for the next version of the WordPress editor, being called Gutenberg.
  • An updated Text Widget that will now contain a similar editor window that includes both the Text and Visual tab.
    WordPress 4.8 Text Widget
  • An updated Dashboard News widget that used to display an RSS feed from a few WordPress news sites.  It now contains an Event Update section that you can set to your location and upcoming Meetups, WordCamps, and other related events can be found.  This customizable widget area will be an excellent way to foster community and get people involved.
    WordPress Event Updates
  • A NEW Video Widget that can upload any video or display a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or even other currently supported oEmbed providers.
    Video Widget
  • A NEW Image Widget that will make it easier to upload an image or select an image directly from the Media Library.
    Image Widget
  • A new function get_term_parents_list() is being added which is a more generic form of get_category_parents().
  • The User Edit screen is getting a few updates to make the User's Name more visible.
  • The Customizer panel now should correctly resize on larger screens.
  • There are also some TinyMCE enhancements along the lines of inline elements and link boundaries.

While this is a "short window" to get this next WordPress release out the door, it has been confirmed several times with the release lead,, that the June 8th release date is still on target.

What are your thoughts about this next release of WordPress 4.8?